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Engine Maintenance Service Pack - PROTEC DAS Vital-K
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· 100% Genuine Product from Germany.
· Best effect application together with engine oil change service
· 4 service outlets located at Ara Damansara/Hartamas/Bangi.

1.Add Fuel Line Cleaner to fuel tank.
2.Add Engine Flush to the old oil at every service interval, run engine at idle for 15 minutes, and drain as normal.
3.Add Nano Engine Protect and Seal to the new Engine Oil after every oil change
4.Shake Throttle Body Cleaner before use; spray evenly on parts to be cleaned; allow product to evaporate or wipe parts with a clean cloth.

Application 1:
PRO-TEC Fuel Line Cleaner 350ml
-Cleans fuel system, optimum combustion.
-Removes moisture, preventing fuel system parts corrosion
-Optimises power and reduces exhaust emissions
-Reduces component parts wear and extends lifespan.

Application 2:
-Minimises the values of exhaust emissions
-Increase Power and optimises engine performance
-Reduces oil and fuel consumption
-Extends component parts life span

Application 3:
PRO-TEC Nano Engine Protect and Seal 250ml
-Efficient Nano anti-friction barrier, Reducing component parts friction
-Reduces fuel consumption
-Extend engine oil and component parts lifespan.

Application 4:
PRO-TEC Throttle Body Cleaner 200ml
-Removes sticking residues(oil, resin, grease, and dirt)
-Ensure throttle body provide perfect function
-Throttle response and stable engine during idling stage